The main object of the activity of “Technoengineering” Ltd. is installation, repair, reconstruction and maintenance of machinery and equipment and related installations in the energy and industry, manufacturing of products and spare parts for them. Construction and installation of Steel Structures, tanks and silos.High altitude mounting and services by alpine method.

Based on practical experience and relying on highly qualified engineering and technical personnel, modern equipment and technologies - we offer appropriate solutions adapted to the individual needs, requirements and capabilities of the Employer, regardless the volume and complexity of work.


Machine - technological part

Boiler equipment
Repair of equipment for coal and ash
Flue Gas Desulphurization Installation
Repair of excavators
Steel Structures (Fabrication, delivery and installation )
Repair of HP and LP pipelines

Electrical Part

Execution of all electrical installations of buildings and facilities.
Cable-carrying systems (from security pipes and cable trays).
Secondary commutation


Installation of pulse lines
Heating system
Measuring instruments

Alpine Method

The company has well trained personnel with certificates for carrying out civil construction works through rope access issued by the Association of workers by Alpine Method.


Project "Introduction of new technologies for improving the resource efficiency and the efficacy of the production process of Technoengineering Ltd"

TECHNOENGINEERING LTD has a grant agreement with the Ministry of Economy BG16RFOP002-2.001-0035-C01 for the project "Introduction of new technologies for improving the resource efficiency and the efficacy of the production process of Technoengineering Ltd Improving production capacity of SMEs ”. The project is funded by the Operational Program "Innovation and Competitiveness", co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund and has a total value of BGN 734,710 (BGN 437,152.45 - European and BGN 77,144.55 - national co-financing ) with a duration of 18 months.
The project aims to increase production capacity and strengthen the potential of the enterprise, including and export potential.

The expected results from the successful implementation of the project are:

  • introduction of innovative mechatronic technologies to improve resource efficiency and effectiveness in the production process
  • entering additional markets in the country and abroad
  • improving the quality and increasing the quantity of production.

Within the project will be purchased and put into operation a three-phase pipe bending machine with shape and counterform for bending of black steel pipes, universal lathe, universal cutter, drilling machine, portal machine for cutting sheet material with plasma cutting with CNC, semi-automatic band saw.

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