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The MicroStep CNC cutting machine CombiCut 6001.30PrG + CH500P with plasma source Hypertherm - HPR 260XD (Hy Definition) provides the ability to perform high-efficiency, quality and precise plasma and gaseous cuts of carbon and stainless steel.
The machine is equipped with gas burner and rotary head.

Four roll
bending machine

Four roll bending machine DAVI with digital programming control and possibility of bending sheet material with thicknesses from 4mm to 16 mm.
- Ability to fabricate the work piece in one move
- Driving of the two gripping rollers for accurate feeding
- Hydraulic servo system for maintaining the parallelism of the side rollers "SERVO-TRONIC" – patent of DAVI
- Prebending with planetary driving of the sides’ rolls.

Tape cutting

Semi-automatic column band cutting machine MACC SPECIAL 650DI designed for right and angle cutting of different types of profiles, pipes and dense steels.
You can see here the cutting capacity.


Machine DH 32 GSV-cantilever type, with the possibility of drilling structural steel with a thickness of 29 mm. The machine is equipped with a drilling-milling head with a rotational range of 360 and a rotational speed of 40 to 3000 min.


Megabender MG030T three-phase pipe bending machine with shape and counterform with bending range of black steel pipes up to 2 1/2"GAS x4mm (Ø 76x4 mm). Bending radius R10 to R380. Maximum bending angle 210.
Maximum bending range of pipes from black steels to Ø76x4 mm
• Bending radius from R10 mm to R380 mm.
• Maximum bending angle - 2100
• Bending speed (inverter control) – changeable
• Microprocessor with the ability to program 30 basic programs with 9 different bending angles
• Electronic engine braking control and overload control
• Quick change of shapes and counter-forms


OPTI D 660x2000 DPA universal lathe with table dimensions 3650х1230х1595, designed for processing steel parts with the largest working diameter up to 600mm and height of the centers 330 mm.

Opti Mill MT 200
Optimum Universal

Universal milling machine model OptiMill MT 200 designed for machining of different types of steels, equipped with a 360 degree head that allows processing of the work piece at any spatial angle.