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Machine - technological part


  • Repair and maintenance of ESP /Electro Static Precipitator/
  • Repair and maintenance of Air Heater Exporter
  • Repair and maintenance of Grinding Fan
  • Repair and maintenance of Dust Preparation System
  • Construction, maintenance and repair of all types pipelines
  • Repair and replacement of slag shredders
  • Repair of Chemical Water Purification installations
  • Repair and maintenance of ID Fans
  • Fabrication, installation and repair of service platforms

and replacement of

  •  Fabrication, installation and repair of tanks, silos, bunkers, bag filters, ducts and gas ducts and etc.

Installation, repair and maintenance:

  • Electric motors, reducers and drives
  • Mills, crashers
  • Agitators, mixers, homogenizers
  • Pumps
  • Conveying worm, Chain trough conveyor, conveyors

of equipment
for coal
and ash

  • Installation, repair and maintenance of combined rotor equipment
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of Belt Conveyors
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of roller sieves and crashers
  • Fabrication, delivery, installation, repair and renovation of chutes, bunkers and etc.
  • Fabrication and installation of roller carriers.
  • Repair of reducers

Flue Gas

“Technoengineering” LTD performs repair and current maintenance of the FGD /Flue Gas Desulphurization installations/, on the territory of Maritsa East complex covering TPP "Maritsa East 2", TPP "Contour Global Maritsa East 3", and TPP "AES Galabovo.

Construction, delivery and installation of elements for flue gas desulphurization

  • Maintenance and repair of FGD. Reconstruction of nozzle levels.
  • Replacement of metal sheet in compromised areas up to 30mm.
  • Repair and replacement of agitators
  • Repair of pumps and reducers
  • Repair and installation of pipelines

of HP and
LP pipelines

Construction of carbon and stainless steel piping lines without limitation in the size and height of installation, by welding or flange connection.

  • Installation and adjustment of industrial reinforcement (screws, valves, expansion vessels, expansion joints)