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Electrical Part

In the direction of an “Electric Part” the activity of Technoengineering Ltd is aimed at consumers from industry, energy and construction business. We offer complete technical solutions including supply of equipment, installation, start-up tests and commissioning.

We have modern means for mounting and construction of electrical installations, as well as technical means for measurement and testing – multimeters, impedance measures and groundings, megaohmmeters, combined instruments for study of electrical systems, testers end etc. Technical personnel holds licenses and Attestations issued by authorized authorities giving the respective rights and opportunities to carry out various types of installation, possession and commissioning activities of electrical equipment.

Construction of complete electrical stations on industrial and civil sites

  •  installation of cable traces
  • downloading, laying, arranging and binding of power and operational cables
    assembly of electrical panels
  • construction of grounding and lightning protection systems
  • construction of lighting and contact installations
  • Laboratory measurements.

C&I and Automation

  • Consruction of automated control systems of technological processes and modernization of existing ones
  • selection, delivery and commissioning of control measuring instruments and automation tools
  • verification and setup of automatic control systems.